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  1. To my little man, missing you so much especially on days like today. On a positive note I have made contact with Tracey she is one of your organ recipients, a truly brave and inspiring lady who whole heartedly deserves the gift of life from you. In the 8 years you have left us, I have never understood the reason you was taken from me! But after speaking to this wonderful woman, you are truly my hero forever little dude Merry Christmas son xxxxx

  2. To my little man, missing you so much especially on days like today. On a positive note I have made contact with Tracey she is one of your organ recipients, a truly brave and inspiring lady who whole heartedly deserves the gift of life from you. In the 8 years you have left us, I have never understood the reason you was taken from me! But after speaking to this wonderful woman, you are truly my hero forever little dude Merry Christmas son xxxxx

  3. Thank you ‘Mr Hodgson’!, wow!, excitement , sadness, mixed bag of emotions , but im ready, i’ll whatsapp you,
    ive got the number down, if you want to remove it if you can ,
    Happy xmas !!!

  4. Tracey
    Thanks for your response, I totally get where your coming from. I’m totally fine with it, but it is entirely up to you, Your the recipient and it’s in your time. My no is 07717793455
    Merry Xmas and a happy new year!!!

    Kev x

  5. Hello you amazing family , thinking of you all and your beautiful boy at christmas time especially,
    ive only just seen the message june 18th Kev, seems very cheeky addressing you like that, however im honoured to read it ,i dont do any social media but i do do whats app, ive asked my sister to look you up see if theres a mobile number then if there is i could what’s app you , but i want to know you’re sure because this is huge and im guessing like me youve wondered what making contact would actually be like and im nervous of dissappointing possibly . , just take your time ,theres no hurry, i can whats app a picture or maybe my sis will for me on fb,
    Huge thanks and eternally grateful ,all good wishes to you all xx

  6. We have many fabulous memories of you Dec at Christmas time. You loved Christmas so much and it’s these memories we treasure and talk about with love. Still love and miss you so much xxx

  7. If anyone ever wants to get in touch for a chat or a catch up, I can be found on FB. It would always be nice to put a face to the name. X

  8. It is lovely and heartwarming to our family to hear that Declan has helped others in his death by donating his organs and that these people are doing well after all this time. Keep well x

  9. Thinking of you all so much and over so many days especially around this time. I look to you as such amazing, giving, altruistic parents of such a beautiful boy Declan ,who between you made such a heart wrenching decision to allow your beautiful boy to help 3 other people live on free of awful life limiting conditions .
    I applaud you and honour you all by being the best I can be and if I’m struggling I think of Declan and you, mum and dad, and fight harder to overcome.
    Forever grateful to people like you who save people like us,
    Tracey x

  10. Another year has gone by since you left us Dec. I would like to say it gets easier but we all miss you so much. You are always with us in our hearts, conversations and memories . Love you always xxx

  11. Happy 20th Birthday little dude, hope you have great day up there. Miss and love you loads. Dad & Ethan xxxxxxx

  12. Happy 20th birthday Dec. We still think and talk about you every single day and always will. We often wonder what you would be up to. Miss you so much xxxxx

  13. Thinking of you Dec, especially at this time of year. Miss you more than ever. Still fills me with pride that you saved 3 people’s lives. I am sure that they are totally grateful for your gift of life. Shine bright little dude love Dad & Ethan xxx

  14. To Declan and all your family..I’m thinking of you all usual at this time of year again and thanking all the donors out there and families that have been so amazingly generous and selfless to total strangers and offering hope and quality of life to others like myself .
    I just hope that you have all managed to cope with this year’s awful situation and found the strength and will to get through unscathed…you are incredibly good hearted giving people ..
    Tracey x

  15. We are at your favourite time of year Dec . Things are not quite the same this year but we still miss you so much and wish you were here with us. Always in our thoughts and hearts. Love you xx

  16. Few years since we’ve been here Dec, but felt the need to pop in & tell you that you are still missed & loved so much❤️

  17. To Declan and his family..
    remembering how
    Declan saved others and shines on in them, I know……….my heart and love go out to you as a family at this very diffucult time of year .
    But your altruistic gift to others is inspiring and Declans story and life continues on…in those you gave hope and life to..
    Bless Declan…and bless you all …
    Tracey x

  18. 7 years have gone by since our hearts were broken and the pain of losing you on that day is still the same. Miss you and love you so much Dec,always will. Xxx

  19. Happy Birthday to my little dude, or not so little now. Miss you to the moon and back Hope you have a great day up there!!!!!
    Love Dad & Ethan xxxxxxxx

  20. Happy birthday to our very special grandson. You would have been 19 years old today and we can only imagine what you would have been up to. We still miss you very much and think about you every day and wish you were still here with us. Happy birthday Dec. Love you xx

  21. Thinking of you all, reaching out to you all at this crazy uncertain time, been thinking of Declan a lot and I stay strong because of the kindness and generosity that you all showed as an amazing family to 3 other people that you didnt even know.
    You all inspired me and i think of Declan and make the best of everything , because i still can .
    Happy Birthday Declan …shine on ….shine bright …
    Tracey x

  22. To my little man, 6 years have passed and not a day goes by when i don’t think about you. Miss you to the moon and back. Lots of love Dad xxxx

  23. It was 6 years ago today when we last saw you. We remember as if it was yesterday. Still miss and talk about you every day. Love you our beautiful boy xx

  24. 13 june 2019
    6 years have passed …Remembering and Thinking of you Declan and your incredible Family who made a rare and inspiring sacrifice to help 3 strangers regain a quality of life that had been lost.Thank you so much for your amazing courage and kindness..bless Declan who shines on and bless you for your compassion toward others…I am so inspired and grateful to know Declan’s story and will be in awe of you all as a family the rest of my life.
    Tracey x

  25. Remembering our wonderful grandson who would have been 18 years old this week. They sat time heals but we still love and miss you so much each day and always will. Our comfort is knowing you helped 3 people live their lives. Happy birthday sweetheart. Xxx

  26. To Declan and his family -thinking of you all especially this time of year…but always.
    Thanking amazing ,incredible people who have given 3 strangers hope to live ,I am so inspired by your family and story to be the best I can be also.
    Tracey x

  27. To you all….thinking of each of you all day today and right now…so much love to you ..bless Declan who shines on so brightly…Tracey x

  28. 5 years today, since I said my last goodbye. I miss you more than anything in the world. Love you to the moon and back. xxxx

  29. It has been 5 years this week since we lost you Dec. Not a day has gone by since then when we have not thought, talked and missed you. Will love you always xxx

  30. Declan ….you and your family … amazing people who have helped 3 people to continue to live their dreams…you are all never forgotten ..always in our thoughts and occupy such a special place in our hearts that go out to you all and honour you for your compassion. .happy birthday Declan thinking of you and your family…always but especially your day today..Tracey x

  31. Happy 17 th birthday my beautiful boy. Still miss you so much and your always in our thoughts. Love Nan Carol & Tony

  32. I believe Declan is shining brightly and through those he blessed with hope and new life. An honourable family full of selflessness and love for others that too have suffered. .Bless Declan and all his Family you are all stars shining brightly showing all of us the way to behave and be..I feel very fortunate to have read your story…thank you.

  33. Wow Declan 4 years gone 16 years old now it leaves me wondering what would you have done at college,
    If your still looking down on us… and if you still remember the days of us all having fun
    One big memory that has been stuck with be over the past couple of month is at robin wood in that
    Chamber mini game that filled up with water of we didn’t get out within 3 minutes how you kept so chill through that I’ll never know
    We all knew we was going to be fine cause it was a school trip but…. we was all wrecks if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t have solved the puzzle. Also been thinking of that time in English when you had that cola pencil case and you didn’t want to ruin it so you asked if you could draw on mine n I said yes cause back then it was anything to shut you up?…. ? But now… I’d do anything to hear you and see you again… drawing little stick figures on my pencil case joking about in English … not thinking that that was going to be the last day I saw you the last day we could joke around I know we was only joking but when we told each other to go away I didn’t think you would … right now you would probably be laughing at me doing your clown noise and say for god sake it was a joke! ??? but I can’t see like that anymore I try to put it to back of my mind but it always comes back making me think did you know it was a joke .. I knew you did but in circumstances like this you do think about it twice … I miss you everyday Dec, and no matter how many years pass that won’t change and I won’t let this memories fade away from year one with mrs cassen then half way through it changing to high view and us having mrs Parkin to netherwood with miss haigh.. you don’t realise how much someone means to you until their gone❤️ Miss you Dec continue to fly high ..keep smiling ?❤️

  34. Sixteen years ago this week our first grandchild was born. A beautiful baby boy who we loved instantly. We had many special times with you Dec which we will always cherish. Happy 16th birthday to our brilliant grandson. Love and miss you always. Xxx.

  35. Happy Christmas Dec, our precious grandson. You are always in our thoughts and we miss you so much. Love you loads and loads. Nan Carol & Tony xx

  36. Three years today was the worst day of my life. Three years today I had to make the worst decisions of my life. Three years today my life changed forever. My little man I love and miss you so much, you are always in our thoughts. Love you little dude xxxxxx

  37. Three years ago today Dec you were scootering up and down the ramps in Ardsley park, then back to my house for your favorite tea (steak and chips). Little did we know that a few days later it would be the worst day of our lives. Miss you my

  38. Happy 15th Birthday little dude,Who probably isn’t so little any more. Love and miss you so much. My world has never been the same since you left. Have a great day up there. All our love forever. Daddy & Diane

  39. Happy 15th birthday Dec. Think and talk about you and to you every day. Love and miss you so much. Xxx

  40. In a few days time it would have been your 15th birthday. I often wonder what kind of young man you would have made, how tall,how handsome. You were my special, beautiful grandson and you left me with many special memories. I talk about you and to you every day. I miss you so much. Happy birthday Dec love

  41. Just been having a few ‘Declan moments’ what with your birthday & that other day looming, I felt the urge to come back here & reacquaint myself with what made you so, so special Dexter.
    ‘It’ never goes away my grandson, not that I want ‘it’ to & after reading through this tribute to you I am comforted by the fact that ‘it’ never, ever will.
    I miss you so much Dec, the times we spent together were amazing & I still find it hard to come to terms that they will never happen again. Well, not in this life, I sure we will be together again one day, I truly do…
    Love ya dude & have a great birthday up there with your angel pals 🙂

  42. its been 2 years today without you Dec, I miss you so much! I hope your having a nice time in heaven looking down on us all <3
    love you, from Leigh xxx

  43. It’s been 2 years now and we still miss you so much. We talk about you everyday and remember all the good times we had Dec. Love you. Nanan Carol and Tony xxx xxx.

  44. We think about you every day but especially today your 14th birthday. We love and miss you very much and always will our darling grandson. Happy birthday Declan xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Nanan Carol and Tony.

  45. Happy birthday little man, love you more than ever! Missing you way too much down here and I hope you’re “skillin” all those angels up there. I love you.
    Shauna xxx

  46. Dear Dec

    You are the best brother in the whole world.
    I love you so much because you are awesome and cool and funny.
    I am having a hard time with you not being there.


  47. A year has passed since we last saw your smiling, cheeky face, and kissed you goodbye. You are in our hearts constantly, our brave, brave boy. Love you xxx

  48. Hey Dec, hope u had a great 13th birthday on May 5th, I went to visit u at the cemetery it brought back loads ov our memories back. Miss you more than ever Dec love you Rip Dec aka. Tin tin <3 xxx

  49. Happy 13th Birthday, my little Dude.
    Not a day goes by when I don’t think about you and I miss you all the time.
    You are our hero and always will be.
    Love you forever

    Dad and Diane xxxxxxxxxx

  50. Happy birthday Dec, we miss you so much every hour of every day. We feel you are always around and memories give us comfort. Love you so much xxx

  51. Happy Birthday Dec.

    Not a day goes by where you are not painfully missed by me and your brothers. You made us complete and life is not the same without you.

    Matt xxx

  52. Dear dec (tintin) every day I think about u and think about all the good times we had I only meet u in netherwood but wish I meet u in year 1 I will nether forget about u love u tintin have a good time up there

  53. dear Declan (tin tin)
    I cannot describe in words how much I miss you there’s not a day that goes past without me thinking of you and crying .you have done your mates and family soooo proud. I keep everything that holds a treasured memory of you. you will never be forgotten fly high in the sky little angel before I met you I wasent sure what a true friend was but the first day I met you I found out what one is

  54. Well Dec it will be my first birthday without out you in a week and all I will think about on that day is you. You may be my step brother but I will always think of you as a brother. I look at the pictures of you in our house and think of all the happy memories we had together like when we used to wrestle and you always won and then Ethan would join in and pile on us! That was fun! You are in my heart, your dads heart , my mums heart and everyone in my house’s heart! Love you forever and always.

  55. Dear dec!
    We all miss you so much that words can’t explain! For the time that we where together u became a big part of my life always there cheering me up. But now ur up high looking down on us brighter then an angel guarding us from all the evil things that we have to face in life. Now ur not he with us anymore my life will never be the same, everything day n night all I can think about is you and all the memorise we had together and with our other friends, nearly bursting into tears when I see your face!I hope your having a lot of fun in heaven knowing that one day we would reunited, n no one can seperate us!! I will never for get ya dec you will always be in my heart till the day u die
    RIP MATE <3 xxxx
    Love Leigh xxx

  56. Although we didn’t know Declan that well and that our paths crossed only a few times, we knew enough of him to know that he was a smart and bright kid with a loving family around him. Our hearts and thoughts are with all his family and for those who knew him well. This is a wonderful memorial page and although it has been emotional to read and watch, I have enjoyed every bit of it.
    Our hearts are with you.
    Kelly, Philip and Molly.

  57. Dear declan hope u r watching over your family i remember u as a little toddler when i lived in hoyland yor mam brought u on bus to see me and play i also came to see u too wen u lived on chapel street ardsley, i worked with yor mam at bdgh wen we were cadets and i was inspired by her, rest in peace little man ill neva forget u xxxx

  58. We were in form together and I would sit in form nearly crying when u made me laugh. U always let me on ur scooter gonna miss u loads.

  59. For declan……
    A wonderful son…..
    A loving brother…..
    A special grandson…….
    Look up to the skies this evening, find
    The brightest star, and remember him,
    Never forget him.
    With all our love diane, declan, carol and
    Family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  60. Hey Dec, hope your having a laugh up in heaven just like we used to. It’s been strange going up to the circle on our scooters and you not being there. Everyone was really sad at school and lots of people miss you. We wish you were still here. Wonder what we would have got up to when we’re older? Haha. Keep smiling dude cos It makes me smile when I think of the fun we had. I wont ever forget you. Kian

  61. Declan you are the best mate ever i cried for several nights thinking about you, but at least i know you looking down on us you will always be remembered in our hearts for ever, I wish i could see you just one more time and to do a bit of “scootering together” will miss you lots
    Liam xxxxxxxxxxx

  62. We were neighbours of yours for a short time, before we moved to Scotland in February.We heard of this sad and tragic news last night, and it saddened us so much, We cannot begine to imagine how the family must be feeling at this sad loss of Declan and our thoughts are with you all now and always.
    love Sam Brent & Liam ( ex 40 Bellscroft) xxxx

  63. Declan……. our special friend and “surrogate Grandson” who came in to our lives when he was just about 18 months old.
    I remember when I ( Nanna ) first met Dec. I came in from work one day to hear music coming from Matthew’s bedroom – as usual, but then heard a little voice chattering and laughing – most unusual! I went upstairs to investigate and there was Dec, in his little brown duffle coat, dancing along to the music with a big, big smile on his face.
    It was a shock. We weren’t used to little boys back then ……… However, we soon grew to love Declan and he quickly became part of our family.
    We’ll never forget Dec and just wish we could have seen him grow up in to a young man and more. Love always ………

  64. Dec we new u for about 8 years u live next door to us on barnsley road and I was your dinner lady at Highview u where such a brave little boy them a brave young man never complained once we will never forget u Dec, keep smiling down on your mum , dad , and brothers, goodnight god bless Xxxx

  65. Dear declan,

    When you were a couple months old my mum brought me up to see you for the first time I remember all the times we went to the play areas with your brothers and Natasha and Nichola every time I saw you you always had a big smile on your face you were a great mate and I will never ever forget you

    Sleep tight in heaven with all the other angels

    All my love Molly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  66. Dear dec (tin tin)

    there not a day that goes past and i cannot stop thinkin about you .weve been
    Best frends since nurstry we might have had are fall outs but we allways got back
    frends.miss you loads rember u for ever top ladd. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 :-(:-(♥

  67. Dear dec,
    Your the braviest little boy i no every time i saw you.
    You used to have a big smile on your face everyday
    At school. you never let it bother you one bit we all
    miss you. You will never be forgotton about we love
    You so much you will always be in our hearts forever
    R.I.P! Little man.xxxxxxxxxxxx

  68. Declan,
    We miss you more than words can say, you are with us in our hearts and minds every day. Both Grandad and I are far better people for having you in our lives we were blessed with a beautiful, clever, witty yet mischevious little man that made us smile so much.

    Sleep tight with the angels, love you always.
    Grandad Gary and Nannan Anne xxx

  69. We met in form,we used to get along SO well.
    You were funny,kind,creative,friendly and always cheered anyone up.
    You were so lovely,no matter what you did you were smiling through-out.
    The day I walked into form,knowing what had happened,just brought tears to everybody’s eyes.
    Just the fact you sat behind me,and the seat was empty,really did make me think about you:-(
    You will always be in your friends,family,teachers and many other’s thoughts forever.
    Much love Declan,
    Stay Safe
    Cherry x x x

  70. Sat with dec in English ,always making me laugh ,you were a jokester ,only got to know you in netherwood but you were great rip tin tin

  71. Declan im missing you lots u always used to make me laugh in classes with your horn noise u was loved by many people when i saw u a break time i used u shuv u and u shouted at me as a joke haha going to miss you been my class clown fly high angel rip dec xx<3<3

  72. RIP Dec,
    i have known u since primary then u was in my form then i was in your classes, it was really hard to see your work and just see your name on stuff really miss u brave boy 🙁

  73. Dear dec,

    When we were younger you weren’t just a friend but a brother, we use to do everything together and you always made me laugh and smile, I can remember your mums wedding and how we were running around the dance floor jumping up and down, I know now your not suffering and you’re looking down on us all from heaven with the angels now. Sleep tight love you forever

    Evie xxxxx

  74. Dear Declan

    I have so many lovely memories of you and Evie playing together when you were younger. When I think of you I remember all the happy times and they make me smile. You were a little hero the bravest boy I have ever met. I think of you everyday and will never forget you sweetheart. Take care up there


  75. Dear dec,
    I knew you since primary and all that time you had never failed to make me laugh
    You was a true fighter! I remeber you picking me for your football team at primary 🙂
    You never gave up on anything, you pushed yourself to the limit! You didnt let your illness get you down:-)
    I have bin to see you in the cemertry about 5 times already, have you seen my flowers i bought you
    When i picked the flowers i saw them blue ones and they reminded me of you (chelsea)
    Nobody will ever foget you dec<3
    I love you and i miss you more than words can ever say…
    Sleep tight fighter
    <3<3<3 from brooke

  76. Dear Dexter

    I knew you for 11 out of your 12 years…..For once I’m lost for words but the constant ache in my heart reminds me you’re gone and that I miss u so much little man. You were easy to love, a delight to spend time with… Well sometimes you did push the boundaries but we expected that as you grew older and asserted yourself. Often no words were needed but a hug and a pat on the back said it all ( and the occasional cup of tea with 3 sugars!)
    I just wish we’d had you around for longer and had the opportunity to create even more memories. Nothing can fill the huge void you’ve left behind……. Missing those special times when you came to stay and we ganged up on Grandad 🙂 hope you’re looking out for my Grandma ( the oldest person you’d ever met!)she’s in Heaven too now…. Goodnight and God Bless sweetheart with all my love Lisa , your Nana xxxxxxxxxxxx

  77. Dear Declan
    You meant so much to all of us and losing you has had such an affect on all of our family. We all miss you very much.
    My thoughts are with all of your family, but rest assured we are all taking very good care of them, loving them and helping in any way we can.
    We will never forget you Dec xx
    Lots of love
    Richard xx

  78. hey Declan, hope your having so much fun up there in heaven.
    i still can’t get over when you passed away, you meant so much to us.
    well declan shine bright you were amazing, and you meant so much to us….
    ive been to visit you, but i still cant get over what happened, you will never be forgotten,
    i promise i will never forget about you…
    were all thinking about you in our heads!
    RIP Declan, shine bright…

    Love Seana xxxxxxxxxx

  79. You were our special boy from the day you were born. Life is not the same
    without you and never will be. There will always be a big hole in our hearts
    that will never heal. We love and miss you so much. Grandad has lost his
    football buddy ” come on Chelsea ”
    Sleep tight angel.

    Nanan Carol & Grandad Tony xxxxxxxx

  80. Dec,
    I was honoured to have you part of my family and was proud to call you my son.

    Your death has had such a profound effect at home. We all miss you so much. The house has a completely different atmosphere and will never be the same again.

    I will always look after your mum and brothers. You have my word.

    Sleep tight little man. All my love

  81. Thoughts to all the family of Declan, we too, know the pain of losing a young person to herat problems, but the doctors and nurses continue with their life saving work, RIP Declan x

  82. R.I.P dec you are miss by a lot of use but not forgot I wish you could be back cos i miss you at school with all your funny jokes I can remember at the youthy it was funny and ill never forget you from jay&sheldon

  83. Declan I remember you from High View where I was a volunteer TA and a member of parents group who served breakfast for year 6 before their sats exam and helped do leavers disco and then I met you again when I took a job at Netherwood, you were such a lovely lad and your parents and family should be so proud of you. There were so many tears at Netherwood when your friends heard that you had died and that showed what a popular young man you were .Rest in peace Declan my thoughts are with your family. xxxx

  84. Dear Declan ,
    I have been privileged enough to have known you and had you in my life from a young age, to have watched you grow from the funny kind little boy into an amazing young man. So sensitive, jokey, moody and thoughtful, what I wouldn’t give to hear you bickering with your dad or larking about with your sisters and brothers again. We all miss you terribly and weekends especially just aren’t the same anymore. Ethan talks about you all the time and keeps wondering ” who will play playmobil with me now?” He wanted me to tell you he loves you and misses you as we all do. Your dad is so sad without you but I promise we will all take care of him. Forever in my heart and mind.
    Love you dude
    Diane xxx

  85. Dexter, you were my pal, my mate, my Friday nite kebab buddy, my fellow car freak, my own personal pain in the bottom, but above all you were my first born grandchild who I adored, worshiped and loved so, so much.

    I will never forget the special, amazing times we had together, the times we laughed, cried, played, chased, fought, read stories and just chilled. I could go on, we went through so much together and in my mind…….I will, for eternity!

    Rest in peace my beautiful grandson, you were truly one in a million 🙂

    Grandad xxxxx

  86. Dec (My little Dude)

    Words really cannot express the pain and loss I am feeling everyday without you. I wake every morning with a dull ache in my heart because you are not with me. But the good times we have had and the moments we shared keep me smiling. You were a fighter to the end and hope you are “skill’in” everyone playing for Heaven FC. Love you more than any words can say and miss you more and more each day.

    Dad xxxxxxxx

  87. Eyop dec, hope your having fun!
    There’s not a day what goes by where I don’t think about you, and there never will be.
    When I look through my phone and see all the memories what we had, I nearly cry every time

    I’ve been to visit you, I still can’t get over it but I just want you to know that you’ll never be forgotten!
    I’m sorry that I was on holiday when we had an assembly for you at school, but as soon as I got back I asked everyone what happened, I wish I could have read you a poem out:-(
    I promise ill never forget you!
    Love ty!<3

  88. Dear Declan
    I have grown up with you from being really young, we spent so much time together you were like a brother to me. We always had fun together my favourite times were out on our scooters, our trips to Meadowhall and the million days out we had with our families. I’m so glad you were there with me, the days in the parks and farms that our mums dragged us to would have been so dull without you!!
    Every time I think of you I think of all the good times and they make me happy.
    I miss you very much and think of you every day. You were my best mate.
    Take care of my little brother Jake, I know you will be the best of friends.
    Love you, Connor xxxxxx

  89. Our little man declan, or dec dec as eva called u, can’t express the pain we all feel living life without u, u are the most special, inspirational boy I will ever know, not a hour of a day passes I dont think of you, sleep tight my beautiful nephew, love u forever,
    Auntie nic, uncle kev and eva xxxxx

  90. We all miss you all the time, you are so cool and funny and always looked so trendy, and you are so kind and helpful, you are amazing with babies, I just wish Max could have spent more time with you xxxxxxxxx

  91. Dear Declan
    We miss you so much and miss seeing you when we go to your house to play with Fin and Maddon. You always made us laugh and we always had fun whenever we played with you. My mum says you will be with our big brother Jake, this makes us feel very happy. Keep causing lots of mischief!! 🙂
    We love you very very much and always will.
    Lots of hugs and kisses
    Harvey and Max

  92. What a fantastic memorial page for Declan, you have done yourselves proud it is just brilliant. It brought tears and smiles remembering what you have lost and the truly brave young man Declan was. You are a very brave family and very inspirational to lots and lots of people. I remember Declan as being the typical boy entering his moody teenage years who wanted to do just what all his other friends were doing and he certainly didn’t want to let his conditin get in his way. Declan will be greatly missed by lots and lots of people, his suffering is over and his memory will go on. My thoughts are always with you all. RIP little man xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  93. Declan, You have been such a huge part of my life for many years and we have shared so good times, fun times, silly times and I have so many precious memories of all our family days out, I will cherish these times always.
    You are without any doubt the bravest boy I have ever met and your courage is truly inspirational.
    I love you, miss you and think of you always.
    All my love

  94. Dear Declan,
    My words cannot express how much i miss you. Your smile, face, mess moods – just everything about you. I know you are no longer suffering and that you will be looking down on us from heaven. At the moment its too painful to write anymore. I love you Declan, my sweet precious baby boy.
    Love you forever

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